Accounting Firms

Helping Accounting Firms Grow Through Marketing, Communications and M&A.

A marketing effort even at smaller firms makes sense competitively, and a Marketing Needs Assessment from Richard Shippee Communications is usually the best way to get started.

Consider the following marketing categories and how exploiting even a few of them can provide an impetus for better business development, a burnished profile, and a more powerful brand.

  • Advertising
  • Branding (image, logos, messaging, mission)
  • Budget
  • Collateral
  • Communications (both external and internal)
  • CRM
  • Events
  • Independent network collaboration
  • M&A (Marketing integration and firm culture)
  • Metrics & Reporting
  • PR
  • Proposals
  • Social Media
  • Training (coaching, speaking, networking)
  • Web site (Content, tracking, new business)

Smaller CPA firms have few if any of these marketing functions in house, but may aspire to them. However, firms of all sizes inevitably look at marketing as a cost center, and Managing Partners may also face some levels of internal dispute from senior colleagues as to the need for an organized and consistent marketing effort.

Richard Shippee Communications can demonstrate to CPA firms the value of establishing and growing a marketing presence. Here’s what we mean:

  • The power of a brand (not least of which is the positive internal sense of belonging and contributing to a branded entity.)
  • Establishing practice or service line marketing plans that are laser focused on the most profitable, fastest growth areas or regions of the firm. Also, understanding and working with the power centers: is the practice partner the key to marketing, is the regional partner-in-charge the owner of the P&L, is there a partner-in-charge of marketing, is there a willingness to hire a Marketing Coordinator or Manager, etc.
  • The competitive advantage of having a sensible CRM, and an up-to-date Social Media presence
  • The value to clients of targeted, well written and attractively designed thought leadership (electronically produced)
  • The growth opportunities for senior partners and professional staff to participate in marketing efforts, e.g. public speaking, conference participation, writing, appearing in the media, etc.
  • The attraction of a solid marketing effort, and a burnished image, to potential acquiring firms

Richard Shippee communications also works with CPA firm leaders to develop strategies around marketing communications. For example:

Internal Communications

  • The development of a strong intranet (being careful not to own the engine which is best left to IT to budget for and to maintain); and the creation of intranet content: stories, information centers and other repositories of critical internal information
  • The capacity to create attractive, and timely presentations for senior management
  • Scripting and coaching for management presentations
  • Proposal writing and proposal software
  • Social media coaching and training

External Communications

  • Public relations (media placement centric in-house, and/or direction of agency work)
  • Media relations, coaching, monitoring, speaking opportunities
  • The firm’s web site (as a platform for news and potential for new revenue)
  • The firm’s presence on social media platforms and coaching of firm staff on social use.