Public Relations Experience

These examples are provided to show the scope and depth of our experience directing corporate PR programs. The strategic and operational direction of corporate public relations campaigns calls for an alignment of goals and an understanding of long and short term objectives. Often the success or failure of these programs hinges on the relationship and buy-in senior management has with the overall PR program and the willingness to undertake a professionally run and well budgeted PR effort. Our skills in this regard have come from developing relationships with practice line directors and senior executives to ensure we understand the objectives of a PR program, and the resources required to make it a success. This relationship extends to the services of the PR agency and in this regard we have many years of experience setting agency direction, managing teams, setting and revising budgets and working toward a steady state of cooperation and accountability.

Public Relations Highlights

For a Big Four Accounting Firm
For Deloitte we directed the image building regional public relations programs in the major markets of Boston, New York and Philadelphia for the firm’s senior executives and managed key national public relations initiatives resulting in regular front page and business section coverage. We established and managed the PR agency relationship for a specific regional assignment and worked with the agency to conduct a first ever share-of-voice survey to measure effectiveness.
For a National Management Consultancy

For EDS we helped launch an Internet B2B start-up and were in charge of all introductory corporate communications. This involved the communications interface with our public company corporate funder to ensure consistency with established norms of branding and advertising. We wrote all press releases, and coached the executive leadership team prior to, and during, their national and international launch PR roadshow.

For a National Accounting, Tax and Advisory firm

For EisnerAmper LLP we directed all media relations including PR agency management, and coached senior partners for print and broadcast appearances. Assignments included the PR launch of new practice lines, extensions of products and services, and major corporate news announcements. We served as a major marketing interface during five post-merger integration projects.

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